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The Transportation Research Board’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) has just released Report 96: Apron Planning and Design Guidebook addresses best practices for planning, designing, and marking apron areas for all sizes and types of airports in the United States.

The guidebooks discusses apron planning and design considerations include facility geometrics, aircraft maneuvering, apron/airfield access points, operational characteristics, markings, lighting, and aircraft fleets. In addition, the types of aprons include terminal area, deicing, general aviation, cargo, maintenance, and remote aprons and helipads.

Airport Development Group, Inc. was a research/writing partner of the project managed by Ricondo and Associates and joined by contributors Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., Aviation Safety and Security Education Training, LLC, and Two Hundred, Inc.

The report is available for free download at

The Southland Executive Airport in Sulphur, LA. is experiencing an increase in demand for aeronautical services thanks to an economic boom in southwest Louisiana. ADG is working with the city and airport management to create a new Airport Layout Plan to identify growth opportunities and improvements for the general aviation airport.

Left: In the morning sunrise, ADG crews install a new beacon at the Lawrence Municipal Airport, Lawrence, Kans.

Bottom: ADG crews install one of 36 new airfield signs along with new wind cones and REILs at Lawrence.

Boeing 737

This Boeing 737 business jet is the largest aircraft to ever land at the Lawrence, KS Municipal Airport. President Juan Santos of Colombia, a University of Kansas graduate, flew into Lawrence to receive an alumni award from KU. The Boeing was the largest aircraft to ever fly into the 5,700-foot runway at Lawrence. As an ADG client since 1990, Lawrence Municipal Airport benefited from the proper blend of planning and engineering to safely land the 137,000 pound aircraft. ADG’s Rick Bryant, planner, shot this exclusive photo from the back of the FBO’s escort truck as the Boeing taxied to the terminal.

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